Life update – 16th May 2011

Oh hai! *waves*

It’s been a while since I did a personal update to my blog, and so I figured that it’s about time for an update 🙂

I’ve recently started seeing the super lovely and gorgeous Max, who lives over in Bristol, and have to say that I am currently on Cloud Number 9 – very very happy at the moment, and genuinely couldn’t be happier! For those friends who are based in London, I shall have to arrange something soon so that folk get to can meet him, as we’re currently doing alternate weekends at each other’s houses (it’s great, I can tell people ‘I’m weekending at my rural retreat’ when they ask what I’m up to, and Max can dazzle folk in Brizzle by saying he’s ‘heading up to his city crashpad’ for a bit of weekend excitement hehe!).

Max is definitely bringing out some good traits in me, not only have I started drinking bucket loads of tea, but I’ve also started cooking again / eating properly – hurrah!!!

The weekend just gone, there was an awesome dinner/Eurovision party at Hugh & Max’s house, and, after a quick trip to the butcher, the greengrocer and the supermarket, Max and I pretty much spent 8+ hours solid cooking up a storm in his kitchen, and we made some of the most delicious food that I’ve ever tasted!! (modest, me?! heh!). For starters, we did spinach, goat’s cheese and cranberry sauce, encased in some super delicate filo pastry shapes that we made; the main course was lasagne (made completely from scratch, and using pork mince, beef mince and the nicest cuts of bacon I’ve ever seen!), served with salad and home-made garlic chapatis (ok, ok, garlic breads – spent most of the day teasing Max on how flat they were heh! Totally his creation though 😛 I should say, I nicked the photo from Hugh, as mine are stuck on my phone, hopefully he won’t mind!! :)); desert was a strawberry and white chocolate cheese cake that was EPIC – we served 9 people with very decent sized portions, and we still only used half of it hehe!! From the feedback we received, it was 8 hours well spent, and truly was delicious!

Was also great fun to prepare the meal as Max and I seem to work very well together as a team – we had a great time blasting out Glee songs for the entirety of our time cooking in the kitchen, and, gays being gays, you can bet we had a good old sing and dance along whilst we were cooking too heh 😛

(another photo credit for Hugh – I never seem to look photogenic in ANY pictures hehe! Think this is me battling with AirPlay on my iPad to get the next song to stream :P)

So yes,  I am currently incredibly happy – and Max is very much to credit for this!! Very very lovely chap, and I am incredibly proud to call him my boyfriend – I really do hope that some of my friends get to meet him soon! 🙂

Work wise, I’m currently gearing up for Wimbledon, it’s come around so quickly again!! Two weeks in a bunker doing 16 hour days… joy!!! Heh! (I may roll my eyes, but I secretly very much enjoy it, always great to do something a bit different from the ‘norm’, and I really like working with the people involved – plus I like getting to watch all the matches on TV and it technically counts as ‘work’ hehe!). This weekend, I think I’ll need to head to NEXT or similar to try to find a decent suit to add to my Wimbledon wardrobe.

The main excitement for this mid-week period is that my HTC Sensation is due to be delivered by Thursday – hurrah! Will be SO glad to get shot of my Samsung Jet – biggest piece of bloated, over-hyped junk that I have EVER been saddled with! HTC Sensation looks like it’s going to be the mutz nutz, and I’m very excited to get my hands on one. Moving across to Vodafone from 3 Mobile too, so I am looking forward to actually having a signal again! hehe.

I’m just about to watch the US space shuttle Endeavor launch for the last time on NASA TV – a very sad moment, still absolutely gutted that NASA has been forced to terminate it’s Space Programme. Am a big space geek, and it’s sad to think that by the end of July, it’s very likely that all of the space shuttles will have retired from service. Travesty!

I am off work from Friday onwards, really can’t wait for a few days off! I am free on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week (24-26 May) if anyone that I know fancies catching up at all?

Right, I need to stop writing, as otherwise I’m going to miss the space shuttle launch, and that’ll upset me greatly!! No seriously… I need to stop typing… like now….. now….. now…. right…. gooooone…. now! 😛 #SpaceBoyGari

(PS – thanks muchly for taking an interest in what’s happening with me and my little World – very much appreciated!! 😀 x)

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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