Guess Who’s Back? Gari’s Back!

So, I’ve decided to come back to WordPress from Squarespace… I realised that the platform is actually a lot more robust than I had given it credit for, and that perhaps I was getting bored of the old theme and had ideas that were slightly too grand for what I wanted to achieve on […]

X-Factor 2009 – Week One (Auditions)

A few quick thoughts on tonight’s X-Factor auditions, the first of the series and the first in the new ‘live’ audition format: Use of backing music – I dislike this. I can only figure that it’s there so that the ‘bad’ auditionees cannot hear some of the giggling and snide comments coming from the audience(?) […]

My first forray into ‘vlogging’

Well… you know me – I love to do geeky techy things, especially where social media is involved, and this seemed to be the natural step forward (even if people have already been doing it for years!). I recorded it via my Nokia N95 8GB as my old eye-toy-hacked-into-a-webcam would have given a far poorer […]

X-Factor Semi-Final 2008

*+*+* SPOILERS *+*+* First off… JLS – Umbrella – WOW. What more can I say?! For the first time in ages, they really did look like a slick, polished and suave group and tonight was just pure magic for them! Definitely one of my favourite performances of the entire series – I even re-wound it […]

Merlin / Robin Hood

Colin Morgan as Merlin UPDATE : This starts tonight (Saturday 20th September 2008) at 19:30 on BBC One! BBC One seem to have commissioned a new drama in place of Robin Hood for this autumn – Merlin. The Official Website is also well worth a look. I must say, I am rather intrigued and excited […]