X-Factor 2009 – Week One (Auditions)

A few quick thoughts on tonight’s X-Factor auditions, the first of the series and the first in the new ‘live’ audition format:

  • Use of backing music I dislike this. I can only figure that it’s there so that the ‘bad’ auditionees cannot hear some of the giggling and snide comments coming from the audience(?)
  • I dislike how the auditions have kind of openly acknowledged that they are a bit of a car-crash/freak show.

On previous series, they were something that were giggled at (and yes, still publicly), but behind closed doors many months later… having people on stage and them being booed at and mocked is, frankly, distasteful in my opinion. It’s not hypocrisy – of course you should certainly know what you’re letting yourself in for, but not to that intense a degree!

  • The production values are even more obvious when looking at the volumes of people that they’re pretending to see in each live audition session.

By my calculation, if you saw 1 person every 5 minutes for 8 hours (without break) you would still only see 96 people a day, and not tens of thousands.

Of course, we’ve known for years that this isn’t the case, but nevertheless, there’s subtle discretion that I, as a viewer, can apply when watching the  recorded auditions of the old show, and that jars against the blatant impossibilities which exist due to the presence of the live audience, primarily as there is only so long you can film them for!

(I also had tickets for the auditions and they were at the Excel Centre and not the O2, so I wonder what they filmed there…? Pre-Judge auditions?).

For more on the audition process/production values, I really recommend a BBC article that I posted yesterday.

And so… on to a few of the people!

  • Stacey Solomon – definitely the highlight of the 90 minutes, though I disliked how they tried to turn her into the X-Factor’s version of SuBo (comments included “such a surprise” and “I wasn’t expecting that when you walked in”). TSK!
  • Katy – Wearing motorbike leathers just because she rides motorcycles? Christ, if I was brave enough to ride on the Big One at Blackpool, does that give me license to walk around dressed as a… *coughs*… well?! 😉
  • Joe – this kid actually made me all sniffly! The only auditionee to do that this evening. He was delightfully common though… especially with those family t-shirts with the Comic Sans font heh. Give him an X-Factor makeover and I reckon that he’ll get through to Judges Houses if not the Live Shows… (lets see if that prediction comes true!)
  • Danyl – sorry, but I absolutely hated this guy.

For a 90 minute audition show, I was expecting to see many more people that I liked… in fact, I think that they had fewer ‘good’ people in this first week show than they had in the first week auditions last year… VERY disappointing.

I’ll definitely be sticking with it though, and am already looking forward to next week. All my Saturday nights are now reserved for X-Factor! (as if this was ever in question anyway… heh!).

X Factor

Twitter came alive with X-Factor related posts whilst the audition was on; here are my tweets ‘as they happened’ on the subject! (NB – please start from the bottom and scroll up if you’d like chronological order).

Christ. Chap on Xtra Factor (ITV2) just absolutely murdered Jacko… oh…!

@matc1984 it wasn’t really his personality that I wanted to do wicked things with tho heh.  Maybe Danyl takes adult evening classes?

@scottm will actually be his third audition

@matc1984 I don’t find him cute 😦 noone I’ve liked this year yet (bring back Austin &Aston!) I can see the attraction though…

‘What would you do if I sang out of key?’ Go and make a cuppa’s what… *puts kettle on*

Obligatory staged judge strop… *sigh*

@ChinaBlue79 loving your use of the word ‘soiled’ heh

@missus_emm haha, yeah, it made me sit up quite sharply! Wish such strange things happened with lottery numbers…

@ChinaBlue79 it’s probably part of his negotiated contract heh. He only has one expression though bless him

@mexicanpony he should have come on singing ‘Lollipop’

Is Cheryl fondling Simon? Seen her hand wander under the table quite a bit…

elluh-elluh-elluh – Rhianna was clearly missing the East London twang

Did Microsoft really just advertise a star wipe and insinuate that was what made it better than a mac?!

LADIES?! Blimey, things must work the reverse in Ireland!

16 and already so so provincial!

Joe was delightfully common bless him – Comic Sans t-shirts the works! He’ll go quite far I reckon (live shows?)

@mexicanpony I just spent two mins feeling bad as thought sis had no arm – only to feel relieved when I saw it stuck behind her back heh

That Mikado advert was surprisingly hilarious. Rare I laugh at that kind of comedy heh

Disliking the use of backing music on xfactor – guessing it’s to help block out the audience reactions when the auditionees are on

Right, time to load the dishwasher and washing machine (hopefully in right order!) and watch X Factor – see you on the other side!

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