X-Factor 2009 – Week One (Auditions)

A few quick thoughts on tonight’s X-Factor auditions, the first of the series and the first in the new ‘live’ audition format: Use of backing music – I dislike this. I can only figure that it’s there so that the ‘bad’ auditionees cannot hear some of the giggling and snide comments coming from the audience(?) […]

X-Factor Audition Process 2009

For my main posts on X-Factor 2009, please click HERE. ******************************************************************* I’ve just come across this somewhat scathing article on the X-Factor audition process for 2009 and thought that I’d share. I think that this is what we’ve all known for years, but even still, it does turn me off this new format quite a […]

X-Factor 2009

….. IT’S COMING!!!!!! Not sure if I like the new show format, but we shall wait and see – I won’t prejudge it! Looking forward to making my winners prediction, I normally pick someone who ends up in the top 5, so here’s hoping I can continue that run of success heh! EXCITED!! IT’S TIME… […]

Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

So, I’ve never ever watched Britain’s Got Talent, and in all likelihood, I never really will! On Saturday night just past however, I was channel flicking for something to put on whilst Greg was being nice and cooking for us, and landed on this programme. I figured that I could cope with 15 minutes worth […]