Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent

So, I’ve never ever watched Britain’s Got Talent, and in all likelihood, I never really will!

On Saturday night just past however, I was channel flicking for something to put on whilst Greg was being nice and cooking for us, and landed on this programme. I figured that I could cope with 15 minutes worth before changing over to something else that was starting at 8pm.

I was not expecting to see someone like Susan Boyle however – she was, comparatively, remarkable!

[unfortunately, embedding is disabled on all Britain’s Got Talent videos, so just double-click and it will take you directly to the YouTube video in a new browser tab]

I don’t think that ANYONE was expecting such a lovely voice to come out of this lady… it has to be the first and only time that my jaw has ever hit the ground when anyone has started singing! Sure, it’s not perfect, however she could certainly sustain a career in musical theatre in my opinion.

I may watch the next round to see how she fares, we’ll see!

Also, it was great to hear the full audition and that they managed to get most of the song into it… it’s certainly unusual to hear that many people screaming over a song from a piece of musical theatre (except for me anyway hehe!).

After giggling at the weird people on X-Factor for many-a-year, I think I may be a little more open-minded this year… though I reserve the right to giggle endlessly at people who dress up as pirates and think that it’s cool hehe.

***** UPDATE 15th April *****

Source: BBC News

A 47-year-old church volunteer from West Lothian has become an unlikely overnight singing sensation with millions watching her perform online.

Susan Boyle, from Blackburn, stunned judges on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserables on Saturday.

Since then Hollywood actress Demi Moore has joined the legions of fans who have voiced their support on the internet.

Ms Boyle has now become the bookies’ favourite to win the talent show.

Ms Boyle, who told viewers she had “never been kissed”, said she had always wanted to be a singer.

She said: “I entered the competition because I wanted to have a chance at my singing.

“I found it very nerve-wracking to begin with but once I settled down and began to sing, I thought that the audience accepted me a bit more. Then I sort of relaxed and began to enjoy it.

Ms Boyle, who is currently unemployed, is a keen church-goer and community worker who is well-known for her Karaoke performances.

She said: “It all began for me at age 12, when I used to sing in choirs and school concerts. Then after that when I got older I was singing in clubs.”

Her performance on Saturday has received more than 5m hits on You Tube.

Among those who have clicked to watch are Ghost star Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher.

***** UPDATE 17th April *****

THE Daily Record has uncovered the only CD ever made by Scotland’s singing sensation Susan Boyle.

It emerged last night that Susan, whose Britain’s Got Talent triumph has made her an instant superstar, is being lined up for an appearance

on the Oprah Winfrey show which would give her the chance of a number one album in the US.

But the Record can reveal she made her first recording back in 1999, when she sang blues ballad Cry Me A River for a charity CD.

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