About Me


Thanks for clicking to find out a little bit more about me.

I’m just an average lad, based in the United Kingdom; practically brought up by the Internet, and, after spending five years as a Londoner, happily relocated back ‘oop norf’ a few years ago.

A thing that probably makes me ‘different’ would be that I have/had a brain tumour which turned out to be cancerous – Medullablastoma – very rare in adults – so apparently that makes me ‘interesting’.

I am a huge fan of musical theatre, and tend to see and review most major shows that go to the West End, as well as currently getting a lot more involved in the regional theatre scene in and around the North West. I’ve previously lived and worked in/around the West End, and am still very much connected to the area. Music as a whole is possibly the second most important thing in my life! I also am a Neighbours addict (no spoilers please!), love 80s cartoons, and have a penchant for chocolate hobnobs! Tech is awesome, as is Anime – I own all the Studio Ghibli films, and am totally in love with them! Geeks FTW!

Career wise, I have always worked in finance/accounting environments for large multi-national retail organisations. If you want any more details on what I do when I’m wearing a shirt, don’t forget to check out my LinkedIn profile. I’m a student member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and hold a few designatory letters, making me Gari Wellingham CIMA Cert. BA, only used if I’m feeling formal 🙂

I am very proud of this website, every single word on it has been typed by yours truly, and having had over ONE MILLION visitors to a site that essentially started out as a blog, before developing in to what you see today, I find it immensely humbling!

Always up for chatting to new people, making new pals, and also for getting any feedback on my site, so do please feel free to contact me and say hi, or else feel free to visit my social media profiles (twitter is the one in most use).

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and I hope that you found my content interesting/entertaining/fun/amazing/awesome* and that you’ll become a frequent visitor!

* Delete as appropriate!