ARCTIC ADVENTURE – Third Trip Report (December 2012)

So, I have to admit this one, I am cheating a little and writing this last instalment post-Christmas, having fully recovered from the awesomeness that was this trip, and the full day that it took to sort and publish all of the associated photographs! At the end of the second trip report, you may recall, […]

ARCTIC ADVENTURE – Second Trip Report / Svalbard (December 2012)

Following on from yesterday’s post documenting my first few days in Tromsø, and subsequent departure for Svalbard, I thought that I would add a second post now documenting my experience in the land of the polar bear. We only came up for 24 hours, and came purely for tourist reasons, to say that we had […]

ARCTIC ADVENTURE: First Trip Report (December 2012)

Here is the first part of my trip report, which I am writing from several thousand miles away from home – high in the skies above Svalbard, Norway – around 300 miles from the North Pole, around 3,000 miles from Manchester, UK! We have only been away from the UK for 48 hours, but all […]