MY ARCTIC ADVENTURE – The Land of The Northern Lights!

As friends and regular readers will be aware, Max and I spent 8 days in the Arctic Circle just before Christmas 2012.

 I posted my trip reports to this site as I went along, and across three separate posts – which I have brought together as below – I hope that you enjoy reading them!

In my first post, I promised to share the Northern Lights pictures from 12.12.12. taken by our guide, Gunnar, on his far superior photographic equipment – those photographs are below, and are fully credited to GuideGunnar 2012.


I have made a massive 100 page coffee-table book with most of our favourite photographs, and added some additional commentary to them, as well as included all of the trip reports from this site – the book can be viewed/flicked through and displayed in full (for free) here:

(NB, there is also an option to buy a physical copy of the large A4 sized book if you’re THAT enamoured with it, but I would mention that the price that it has been listed for is pretty much all Photobox and their costs – my tiny mark-up only rounds up the number to a whole one!! Perhaps wait for a sale!)

For anyone interested in viewing the complete set of our holiday snaps (and there were a lot of them!) you have two options:


Facebook album

The Photostream has the much nicer presentation and is easier to view (and would be my first preference), however, none of the captions copied across to it.

If you would prefer to read additional commentary, please look up the Facebook album, which is publically available to all, and you can cycle through the same photographs there!


Whilst I was away, I got in to the TripAdvisor bug, and if you’re thinking of going to Tromsø or Svalbard, or just want to see what I really thought of the places and experiences which I have briefly mentioned here, then you can get all the gossip here:

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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