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Seen something awesome that you think that I’d like; simply wish to say ‘hi’ or maybe offer some valued feedback on my website?

Additionally, I am always keen to be sent things to review, or to be invited along to review a show, so please do consider contacting me if you have anything suitable in mind.

Whilst I have relocated back towards my hometown of Manchester, after 5 years of living and working in London’s West End, I still frequently travel across the country, and continue to keep an active following in the Arts/Entertainment industry, so any information that you wish to share/kind invitations could all potentially be considered ‘relevant’ 😀

*NB due to recent health diagnosis I am currently unable to review shows/feature press releases – getting online is a little bit of an energy zapper*

In all cases, do please feel free to contact me via e-mail using the form below:

Please Note: All submissions via this contact form are sent directly to my designated email account, to which I am the only person with access. Details are never shared with a third-party or stored/retained beyond that of a normal email mailbox function, and are only used for the sole purpose of reply.

If you are sharing a PR with me, and you have additional images/copy, please let me know in your message, and I will request these via return email if I feel that the content would potentially be of interest to my readers.

Thanks 🙂