Attitude – The Naked Issue

N.B. – This post is NOT suitable for viewing in the workplace!

So, t’other day, I posted the cover of Attitude magazine for us all to drool over…!

Having just been and purchased the magazine, I must say that it looks even better up close! 😛

Attitude are sometimes sensitive about people posting pictures from their current edition of the magazine online; however a few scans seem to have surfaced and have not been objected to on the famousmales forum, which I thought that I’d post for the benefit of you all! I hasten to add, these are not my scans (and will be removed if requested)!

I really would suggest that folk GO OUT AND PURCHASE THE MAGAZINE!!! This month’s edition is really rather good!

If you can’t be arsed going down to WH Smith, you can now purchase an online copy (click the digital magazines link under where it says ‘Latest Issue’) of the magazine – well done Attitude; I rather like this idea!

I’ve just signed up for a subscription with them; so no more trying all of the WH Smiths in Waterloo Station and trying to guess which one is the only store that hasn’t sold out! 😛

Cracking job by the folk at Attitude… keep it up! (no pun intended!)

lBen Adams Attitude

Ben Adams:

Ben Adams i

Ben Adams ii

Ben Adams iii

Austin Drage:



Kenzie (Blazin Squad):

attitudekenzieIt’s also worth noting for those perhaps unfamiliar with the gay press, that whilst we often get a diverse range of people appearing in gay magazines, it really doesn’t make them gay!

No inference is drawn as to sexuality by folk who are featured in Attitude (though we can all still wish *really* hard for it to be so!! :P)

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

6 Responses

  1. Angelic

    WOW! Oh how many times I have wished for Ben Adams to pose like this and now my dreams and wishes have been answered!!! I didn’t believe in god but if the big fella exists I’d like to thank for for making my dreams come true.


  2. aaron

    oh my god i love love love the british press and you brit men are sooooo good looking damn ya’ll are fine we need more like this in america


  3. drevis

    Hi there!!! I know that I’m too late to ask this, but could you tell me how I can purchase “this” edition if Live in Indonesia?

    Please reply via my mail.

    Thank you very much!


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