Neighbours – Two Libbys!

T’other day whilst on twitter, @scottm highlighted his article on The Stage’s website to me, which, as a die-hard Neighbours fan,  made me giggle somewhat!

The subject of the blog article was the below video:

[apologies that it’s YouTube and not a clip of higher resolution – the original was on BrightCove, which WordPress doesn’t support. Gah! Visit either of the external page links to see via BrightCove]

Great to see that Neighbours have referenced the blatant (and in my opinion, terrible!) switch over.

This clip was recorded exclusively for Five TV over here in the UK, though I can’t say that I have seen it aired yet… though as I don’t want to spoil things for myself, I vehemently avoid any kind of Neighbours promo. So, perhaps I’m not the best person to comment on that aspect after all then… heh!

The below is taken from the Five website (SOURCE).

Exclusive video: Two Libbys

Friday 8 May

‘She hasn’t just changed her hair; she’s changed her head!’

It was one of the most talked about changes in Neighbours history: earlier this year an army of fans was left crying ‘Where’s Libby?’ as Karl and Susan’s daughter underwent something of a radical makeover – without her nearest and dearest so much as batting an eyelid. This was more than just a new haircut; Libby had changed faces completely!

But there was a good reason for the transformation. Actress Michala Banas temporarily took over the role of Libby Kennedy when illness forced long-time Neighbours star Kym Valentine to take a break from filming; the character’s involvement in some of the show’s central storylines meant that the producers were left with no other choice than to make the switch.

With Kym now fighting fit and back on our screens, the cast wanted to poke a bit of fun at the whole affair, so they wrote and performed a hilarious comedy sketch exclusively for Five. Scroll [up] to see Kym Valentine, Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) and Jackie Woodburne (Susan Kennedy) in action.

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