Yesterday, my good buddy, Andrew, switched me on to a new TV series which ABC have just announced, which I think looks rather fab! It’s called Pan Am, and will be a period drama / ‘sexy soap’ that focuses on the pilots and stewardesses working at the airline in 1963, some of whom apparently also […]

Karl Kennedy (Neighbours) getting down with his bad self!

Karl Kennedy, this is one of the MANY things that I love you for! 😛 (basic story is that Libby is trying to prove she can rebel after being told by Karl and Susan that she was always a goody-two-shoes growing up). Saw this last week and genuinely hadn’t laughed so much at the TV […]

The Temper Trap – Soldier On

The Temper Trap’s “Soldier On” was recently used in an episode of Neighbours (and, I am informed, Waterloo Road), and it’s instantly clicked with me – it’s caught me at a very appropriate time, and I’d go so far to say that this is perhaps my current favourite. The track comes from The Temper Trap’s […]

New Neighbours titles (2010)

Most people who have any form of regular contact with me will know that I am absolutely obsessed with Neighbours! My favourite character is, without doubt, Declan Napier (currently played by James Sorensen) – his character is just so lovely and thoughtful etc – so I was rather chuft to see a lot of hawt […]