Underborough (Neighbours skit)

Love, love, LOVE this Neighbours skit! Submitted to the Logies as an ‘Underbelly’ style comedy skit, it was deemed ‘too risque’ and was not aired. I really enjoy how many random clips and spin-off bits that the Neighbours guys record, such good fun. I want to live on Ramsay Street – someone make it happen!! […]

Neighbours to Pop: Stephanie McIntosh and Sam Clark

As much as I love the Neighbours tradition of people leaving the soap to persue a career in music, I have to admit that I’d never heard of Stephanie McIntosh’s pop career! Stephanie McIntosh was the second person to play Sky Mangel, taking on the role between 2003 – 2007. During this time, McIntosh was […]

Neighbours (UK sched) – Bridget’s Death

Oh my goodness! I watched the Neighbours omnibus on Sunday evening, and I must have spent the whole 2 hours in floods of tears heh! I should declare my undying love for Declan at this point I reckon, it’s so sweet to see him so upset (I’d sooo offer to comfort him if he was […]

The Audreys – Where Are You Now?

I came across this song on Neighbours in the week just gone by (episode 5697 if you’re *that* interested heh!) and, after a heck of a lot of searching around, I managed to find it and wish to declare to all and sundry that I absolutely love it! I’ve not stopped playing it since first […]

Neighbours – Best ever promo!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the current promo clip for Neighbours which is currently playing on Channel Five. There’s also a shortened spot with some added cast ‘dancing’ heh. Great choice of music (Let The Sun Shine – from ’60s musical ‘Hair’); and some really awesome clips. Love the ‘retro’ feel that the ad has to it […]