Neighbours to Pop: Stephanie McIntosh and Sam Clark

As much as I love the Neighbours tradition of people leaving the soap to persue a career in music, I have to admit that I’d never heard of Stephanie McIntosh’s pop career!

Stephanie McIntosh was the second person to play Sky Mangel, taking on the role between 2003 – 2007. During this time, McIntosh was also releasing pop records, although success was practically non-existant it would seem.

Revisiting the album on Spotify independently of any marketing drive etc, I have to say, her material is non-offensive to the ear and not wholly bad… I can think of songs I enjoy far less in the Top 40 at the moment!

I especially like “So Do I Say Sorry First” (which only charted in the UK at number 258!).

(for the music video – embedding has been disabled by request on YouTube – click:

“You Should Have Lied”


Also hitting the music scene from the world of ‘Neighbours’ is Sam Clark (Ringo Brown)– I *really* like his song “Broken” which has a release date TBC.

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