Neighbours (UK sched) – Bridget’s Death

Oh my goodness!

I watched the Neighbours omnibus on Sunday evening, and I must have spent the whole 2 hours in floods of tears heh!

I should declare my undying love for Declan at this point I reckon, it’s so sweet to see him so upset (I’d sooo offer to comfort him if he was here heh!), though with pretty much all of the cast upset and crying, it was difficult not to join in heh!

The death itself wasn’t all that good, and I didn’t like the way that it was done, and, as usual, all sense of time on Ramsay Street went out of the window. That said, it was ‘the aftermath’ that really showcased the story I thought and I’ve not sniffled so much in ages!

Plenty of YouTube clips if you fancy seeing more of the episodes online – I’ve not looked around *too* extensively as I always seem to ruin future storylines for myself due to the darned Auzzies putting clips up! 😛

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