The Audreys – Where Are You Now?

I came across this song on Neighbours in the week just gone by (episode 5697 if you’re *that* interested heh!) and, after a heck of a lot of searching around, I managed to find it and wish to declare to all and sundry that I absolutely love it!

I’ve not stopped playing it since first hearing it yesterday.

Typical to Neighbours’ music policy, The Audreys can be considered a ‘local’ band (if ‘local’ can be taken to include winning two ARIA awards!), so there’s not too much media online that I can link to and share with you to entice you to find out more about them – the best is this partial clip of the song that appears on YouTube:

To hear the full song (and for links to .mp3 stores that have it for sale), please click HERE to visit the page for the track! 🙂

I am sure that once I have had time to check out some of their other material that I’ll be posting a few more blogs on some of their other material – though for the time being, they are my latest musical obsession heh! This song dates back from 2006 and so I have a nice big back catalogue to explore – hurrah!


Further Info:

The Audreys’ official website

The Audreys on MySpace

The Audreys on twitter

The Audreys on Wikipedia

Lyrics for ‘Where Are You Now?’

Where are you now?
T.Coates / T.Goodall
ABC Music Publishing

are you in the next town, waiting for me
or in the next room, speaking softly
are you in the driveway, your motor running
or in the hallway, calling I’m coming
‘cause you’re nowhere to be found
where are you now?

are you in the garden, reading the paper
or on the phone, saying ‘see you later’
are you in my bed, sleeping beside me
did you go out walking and just forget to tell me
‘cause you’re nowhere to be found
where are you now?

are you in a movie, waiting for the ending
are you really leaving or is that just pretending
are you in some bar, drinking for two
I’m sorry baby if it was all too much for you
‘cause you’re nowhere to be found
and I’ve looked all around
where are you now?

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

5 Responses

  1. Yeah, it does seem that a lot of the video clips that were on YouTube have either gone away or been removed – a shame. But hey, the albums are all you need anyway 🙂

    I’m guessing you’re in Australia – if so, they’re doing shows in Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne in a couple of weeks, and if you love that song, then really do try to see them play live. Make your year, it will 🙂


  2. Hopefully! Their live shows are quite magical.

    They’re writing their third album now, by the way, so there is more music to come.

    Do follow up with what you think of the albums!


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