Neighbours – Two Libbys!

T’other day whilst on twitter, @scottm highlighted his article on The Stage’s website to me, which, as a die-hard Neighbours fan,  made me giggle somewhat! The subject of the blog article was the below video: [apologies that it’s YouTube and not a clip of higher resolution – the original was on BrightCove, which WordPress doesn’t […]

Neighbours (UK schedule) – Rachel Kinski’s departure

Just watched Rachel Kinski’s departure on Neighbours… blimey! I didn’t cry *too* much when Stingray died, I didn’t even sniffle when Harold left (though did get a warm fuzzy feeling!), however this departure had me in bits! I just couldn’t stop sniffling! Very well done I thought, and such a pity that Caitlin Stasey (who […]

Neighbours (UK) – Christmas Song!

ARGH! Despite it being mid-March here in the UK, we’re only up to the Christmas episode on Neighbours, and I can’t get the Christmas song out of my head! I do like how Neighbours uses music from local artists and that they also allow their characters to explore music too – Delta Goodrem, Kylie and […]

News And Views Update

A bit of a personal update for my blog as once again, it’s been a while! The most exciting bit of news that I have to share is that Greg and I are moving in together – hurrah! We started looking at the end of August and were lucky to find somewhere 5 weeks before […]