Eurovision 2009 (Moscow) – The Final

So, that’s Eurovision 2009 done; Norway were the winners, and I thought that they had a good song if I’m honest. Their song also proved to be the most popular Eurovision song ever (garnering nearly 100 points more than the previous record holders, Lordi, from 2006).

I thought that the songs featured in the show this year were definitely not as strong as they were in 2008, which was a bit of a shame, but overall thought that it was a fab night.

My absolute favourites were Sweden, Germany and Moldova though, and all three of them came rather low on the scoreboard – doh!

Below are the songs that I really enjoyed, though as the show only finished 30 minutes ago, none of these clips are from the final itself.

Norway – Fairy Tale / Alexander Rybak

Sweden – La Voix / Malena Ernman

Portugal -Todas As Ruas Do Amor / Flor-de-lis

Moldova – Hora Din Moldova / Nelly Ciobanu

Germany – Miss Kiss Kiss Bang / Alex C feat. Oscar Loya (and Dita von Tease made a personal appearance on the Final itself!)

Ukraine – Be My Valentine / Svetlana Loboda

Finland – Lose Control / Waldo’s People

Despite deciding otherwise, I got caught up using twitter for the duration of Eurovision. Therefore, as it is a micro-blogging site, I thought that I’d share with my readers the postings that I made on the subject – far easier than me trying to remember everything and trying to make coherent sentences from it all heh!

I must say, using twitter was a very pleasant experience and really did enhance the viewing pleasure derived from three hours of Euro-madness!

NB – I’ve arranged these tweets so that they are in chronological order (starting with the first tweet that I made). If there is a particular country you are interested in, try doing a ‘FIND’ on the page to see if I’ve marked it suitably 🙂

# Must remember not to get European MEP voting muddled up with Eurovision voting! 😛

# Graham Norton in irrelevant-unfunny-over-talking-trying-to-be-Terry-fail! Please shut him up so we can watch Cirque!

# Dima – Either bad lag time, or else shocking miming… You decide!

# France has a woman of indeterminate age… It’s really offputting trying to figure it out!

# Why, without fail and year-on-year, do I always love Sweden?! I’ll be singing it for weeks!

# Portugal is great! Not a clue what she’s on about, but lovely sound

# Ricky Martin’s let himself go…

# Armenia have me sat as far back in my sofa as i can get… I want my mummy!

# I imagine the Armenian version of Loose Women is something like that!

# Russian entry is turning into Julie Walters!

# Azerbaijan – the baltic version of H and Claire? Cheesy, dance routines and it’s Beauty and the Beast!

# Bosnia – Hertzegovina – clearly building up to a key change… surely? No energy to it at all!

# Has Joan Rivers just walked on stage by mistake?

# Greg’s howling that he’s going to have the tetris music in his head for days, bless him!

# Lyrics on her hand? Shoddy! Good spot Greg!

# I LOVE Moldova now they’ve the dancing men! Much more catchy now!

# Is that a man with a mop at the back corner?

# Much less ‘presenting’ this year we note. Much preferred!

# Great to see Primark have branches in Estonia

# Norton bang on – it is a Danish Ronan Keating

# GregFAIL! “Ronan should be writing songs for us Brits. Traitor!”

# Germany – cross of Moondance and ‘Lets do lunch’ from Sunset Boulevard. Very catchy though. Tin foil pants are awful!

# Obligatory opening of a shirt

# Turkey singing about Hi-Tek trainers?!

# Do Disney have an office in Albania?

# RT @bbceurovision: Are we all loving the blue sparkly gimp?

# With stage direction like Albania’s, I bet Kylie and Will Baker are shitting it…

# Norway – the chap who is rumoured to have refused to take a picture with a fan who was gay? Muppet. [though this may have been his agents, and not him… currently now in question]

# Norway – so that’s where the twins from ‘Your Country Needs You’ ended up!

# I adore the Cher-Celine hybrid that the Ukraine have managed to form!

# Ukraine – wait, has she got a bulge…?

# Romania – auto fail!

# UK – ugh! I refer the honorable twitterati to my earlier blog post (

# She can’t even walk without walking into a violin! We must look very professional!

# You’ve just got to love a band called Waldo’s People! *getting glo sticks out*

# RT @scottm: Jade was on the cover of OK Russia? We had the other Jade on the cover of OK for 6 months, and look where she is now…

# Spain seem to have gone for a continental Pink look-a-like

# Spain – we all know she jumped off the back of the stairs… Shhh!

# Space station time!

# RT @scottm: Look at it this way, ALW: even if ur song doesn’t win, u can at least flog it for the next sanitary towel advert. “It’s My Time”

# Oh no! I want to vote for Sweden but my landline isn’t working! Can I owe anyone 15p? 😛

# Like how Graham sounded thoroughly disgusted and shocked at the idea of us voting Moldova (I really liked it!)

# Armenia has randomly started to grow on me. I’d compare it to the musical version of a tapeworm. Erk!

# Perhaps not the best time to stand up and go to the loo if you’re in the stadium?

# Gee, the Sea Life Centre in Russia is much better than it is over here, isn’t it?! 😛

# For perhaps the only moment of the night, we were top. We’re halfway to last year already. 40 other countries can’t ignore us… can they?

# Now we cross to Pauline from Malta in a local nightclub…

# Oh no, success tonight means another Jade next year instead of sending someone amazing like Leona!

# Oh no, Germany somehow at the bottom!

# Bosnia – Hertzegovina spokesperson is somewhat scary!

# Wikipedia have already declared Norway the winner – clearly valuing ‘I updated first’ over accuracy as always

# Cypriot correspondent sounds more British than we Brits do!

# Oh hello Peter in Slovenia! Oh no though… He’s a twat.

# All of my favourite songs [apart from Norway] are on the right hand side. Balls.

# Top 5 is good, but there were a lot of countries UK visited on promo who clearly hated us ramming our junk down their throats!

# Norway’s song sounds like it’d go well with The Juddermen from the Metz advert

# RT @owenblacker: RT @CllrTim: Who would have thought, after this week, a bloke on the fiddle could be so popular?

# Very well done to twitter for keeping servers up despite the huge tweet volume tonight. Be great to see some tweet stats!

# @eurovisionteam I liked the postcards, though prefered the 2008 ones. Great graphics as always though – my favourite thing about Eurovision!

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