West End Eurovision 2012 – My pick of the best!

So, last night was West End Eurovision, this year held at the Dominion Theatre, and, for the first time, the event was also streamed live online – which was great for me, as I’ve had an amazing time in years gone past, and had been gutted to know that I was going to miss it […]

West End Eurovision – Video Idents

So, it’s that time of year again – the West End Eurovision video idents are out! 😀 (yes, I know I’m a few days off, it’s been a busy week heh) Whilst I am very sad not to be in attendance this year, I look forward to seeing the full entries from the night up […]

Eurovision 2009 (Moscow) – The Final

So, that’s Eurovision 2009 done; Norway were the winners, and I thought that they had a good song if I’m honest. Their song also proved to be the most popular Eurovision song ever (garnering nearly 100 points more than the previous record holders, Lordi, from 2006). I thought that the songs featured in the show […]

Eurovision – The UK entry (2009)

Whilst I love musical theatre, and dear ol’ Andrew Lloyd-Webber, I have to say that I think that our song this year is a bit of a lame duck. Sorry… but there you go,  I’ve said it! I hope the clip that I’ve just posted is OK… Mister Greg and I can’t even stomach listening […]