Eurovision – The UK entry (2009)

Whilst I love musical theatre, and dear ol’ Andrew Lloyd-Webber, I have to say that I think that our song this year is a bit of a lame duck.

Sorry… but there you go,  I’ve said it!

I hope the clip that I’ve just posted is OK… Mister Greg and I can’t even stomach listening to it! Honestly!

It’s far too valedictory and self-indulgent and the song doesn’t actually ‘wow’ me. Despite the creative team behind the song, it’s just an unproven Jade screaching ‘it’s my time, it’s my time’ as loudly as she can and trying/failing to generate the kind of hype that follows an X-Factor winner. At times the song becomes far too repetitive. I think it’s wrong for Europe, very pedestrian and they should have gone in a completely different direction with it (it would reach out to many more people/voters if, for example, they touched on the current economic crisis etc!).

All that said, we seem to be getting a lot of positive feedback from our fellow Europeans (mainly as we/Universal Records have been ramming it down their throats it seems); though as I understand it Norway are the firm favourites.

Even if we win, for me, it would be a hollow win. I personally dislike the song and think that it’s nowhere near as good as Katrina and The Waves’ fantastic ‘Love Shine A Light’ was/is!

Whilst I wish our lot the best of luck, naturally, I genuinely hope that the best song wins.

Having only heard our song at this moment in time (as I didn’t want to spoil it for myself!), I look forward to seeing what the rest of Europe has to offer up, especially after such a fantastic show in 2008!

[NB – for my thoughts on the Final, please click HERE – thanks!]

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