Update to the recent goings-on in the realm of DarkAeon

So, it’s time for another bit of a personal update to my blog I reckon. It’s all been rather busy recently, especially so with work and college. Yesterday I finished the classroom study element of C4 (Fundamentals of Business Economics) on the CIMA/CBA course. I think that I chose an especially good time to study […]

Last.fm : The Ark

I was listening to Last.fm’s music player yesterday for artists who were similar to the awesome Scissor Sisters (who REALLY need to release some new material soon! NB – new album in the works, though the little-known drummer, Paddy, left late 2008 and before SS premiered new demo material) and I came across a Swedish […]

Eurovision 2008 / Belgrade

Rather than make comments about how we came joint last with Germany and Poland (lets face it, our song wasn’t particularly good!) I thought that I’d share some of my favourite performances with you all. I thought that this was a very strong Eurovision, and the Spanish entry was the only one that I watched and […]