Update to the recent goings-on in the realm of DarkAeon

So, it’s time for another bit of a personal update to my blog I reckon.

It’s all been rather busy recently, especially so with work and college. Yesterday I finished the classroom study element of C4 (Fundamentals of Business Economics) on the CIMA/CBA course. I think that I chose an especially good time to study this element of the course what with the current financial problems, fiscal policy and the recent budget announcements, it made it really easy to relate the course notes to real life scenarios. I am more of a ‘finance’ person, and so economics was a little off the beaten track for me. It was all common sense really, but with them trying to attach fancy names and formulas to it.

I have my exam on Thursday 30th April, so we’ll see how that one goes!

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been a little ill, dental infection, ear infection, severe migraines – it’s been a constant flow of problems! Argh! I reckon that I have spent around £100 on NHS services and prescriptions in the last 3 weeks… it’s shocking! Hopefully I’m through the worst of it now, and my health will improve. I am thoroughly fed up of being in pain and trying to scramble to get seen at emergency NHS services in the community!

As always, when you know something is wrong, you go and research the heck out of it (and usually end up worrying yourself silly over nothing!). I fell into a bit of a Wiki-hole (thanks to @rosspj for the term!) the other day and was very surprised to learn that Boots the pharmacists were actually the people who developed Ibuprofen, in addition to the fact that when you take codeine, it actually metabolises into morphine at around 8-12% strength. I also figure that I have a fairly efficient metabolism, which when taking antibiotics is very good to know!

I’m off to see Sing-A-Long-A-Hairspray again tomorrow (third time now!), which I understand is shortly to be discontinued (which is a shame!). Always a great laugh and a relief to see that I’m not the only person who knows the entire script inside out heh! Introducing a friend, Ryan, to the shenanigans too, so that should be interesting…

I noted t’other day that I’ve not seen quite a few of my friends for such a long time, so I’m hoping that we’ll all have an excuse to meet up sometime soon… there have been a distinct lack of social events thus far this year, and absolutely no dinner parties yet. I’ve a few invites to Eurovision parties (though I’m working the next day, so I’ll have to weigh up transport home options!), so I think that’ll be the next ‘big’ social occasion.

I also need to try and plan my route into work on Sunday so as to avoid the London Marathon runners. It’ll be surreal as I’ll probably watch it online in the office, despite them running less than ¼ of a mile away from me!

Anyway, I’m off out for lunch to enjoy the 20oC temperatures that London is currently basking in!

I’ve been tweeting quite a lot on twitter for things that don’t really warrant a blog post so do feel free to follow me via http://twitter.com/darkaeon if you’re interested in the nitty-gritty day-to-day stuff.

Thanks for reading! x

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