Hairspray : The School Musical

*UPDATE : The show will start broadcasting on Sunday 31st August 2008, 19:00 BST, Sky One*



Hairspray : The School Musical is a new show that Sky One are set to broadcast with Denise Van Outen as the host, along side a strong team of coaches and with the valuable support of some of the current West End cast and creative in a bid to have a group of school kids performing the smash hit musical Hairspray.

For those of you who, like me, are without Sky, the programme will also be available on Sky Player (no Sky subscription required, though any programme watched through the Player is chargeable – usually around £1.00).

There’s no news on when the programme will start to air, other than “autumn”, and it seems to be gauging a mixed reaction from the public on-line. I, however, am unashamedly excited about this programme and think that I will be able to identify with it a lot more than I could with the recent I’d Do Anything programme (shock, horror, I’m not a huge fan of Oliver!).

Alas, there’s not yet been a lot of media released for this show and so it’s been hard to even find a picture! The official website for the show has a video and all of the information that you could ever need though.

In light of that, I have decided to instead post a picture that reflects the title of this new show – i.e. the amalgamation of Hairspray and High School Musical…. so here’s a picture of Zac Efron for us all to enjoy instead hehe!

I can hear the bells...!
I can hear the bells...!

Once I find a way of getting to watch this show (e.g. ‘randomly’ turning up at people’s houses just in time for this hehe), I am sure that I’ll have plenty more to say on the subject- woo!

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15 Responses

  1. charlie

    Is hairspray school musical anything to do with, or in anyway similar to high school musical???
    And do you know anything about auditions, age limits etc.
    [I love hairspray =) It’s a fab movie!!]


  2. Wendy

    The series culminates with filming the stage presentation this evening at the Shaftsbury Theatre in London on the stage where the actual West End musical is staged. My Neice is a lucky contestant who will be playing one of the starring roles in the show tonight.


  3. Charlie


    You said about it being on Sky Player because im gutted that i cant see it as i havnt got sky…
    I downloaded the sky player programme but it says no results found are you having this same problem???

    Pleasee help or do you no any info on when it will be available?


  4. Clare

    I had the pleasure watching the show in the West end as my daughter was in the cast.

    I would tell people to watch is as it is fantastic.


  5. hairspay was brill
    i watched all the shows from begining to end i cryed it was so great for them all and the look in the parants face was a picture dumb founded
    i would say thank u kids for a very entertaining show love to all that took part oh im 62 yeaRS YOUNG and i loved it thank u xxxx c backhouse


  6. i am very exited,our school won the school musical this yr . we go to school just by liverpool and our sch0ool holds 1300 pple . i cnt wa8 2 audition i really ope its grease the school musical !!! i have cancled my holiday top turkey so tht i can audition . auditions are in a couple of weeeks i can not wa8 the most exiting thing ever … woop woop woop !!!!!! lol kingsmead were gre8 last yr well done !!!!!!!!!1 bet u’s didnt have 2 travel far to get to tha westend .. lol hehehheehh


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