High School Musical 3

OK, so I finally got around to watching this…. so much better than HSM2, and on par, if not better, than HSM1! My favourite song of the film was ‘Scream’: Really high production values, great sets/costumes/songs throughout, I cannot rave about this enough (hence why I’m trying to keep this post short and succinct as […]

High School Musical 4 – Confirmed for 2010

Disney has announced plans for a fourth installment of the wildly popular High School Musical franchise. The fourth iteration of the High School Musical series will begin production later this year and premiere in 2010. The Disney Channel said in a statement Tuesday that the new movie will introduce a brand new cast of characters […]

Hairspray : The School Musical

*UPDATE : The show will start broadcasting on Sunday 31st August 2008, 19:00 BST, Sky One* OH… MY…… GOODNESS!!!!! I AM RATHER EXCITED!!!!!!!! Hairspray : The School Musical is a new show that Sky One are set to broadcast with Denise Van Outen as the host, along side a strong team of coaches and with the valuable support of some of the current West End cast […]