David Garrett – Smooth Criminal (Classical Cover)

It was only last night that I was tweeting about how much that I REALLY wanted someone to pull together a classical live performance / concept album of Michael Jackson songs that had been re-worked to be performed by a symphony orchestra or similar. Yes, I am thinking rather like Metallica’s S&M album/performances, and I […]

Songs from Germany

A good number of years ago (October 2005 I think), I was in Berlin with Marc and we happened across a number of pop songs whilst we were there (not all German, but “hits” there at the time). For some reason, they all came back to me this morning, so I thought that I’d share […]

Eurovision 2009 (Moscow) – The Final

So, that’s Eurovision 2009 done; Norway were the winners, and I thought that they had a good song if I’m honest. Their song also proved to be the most popular Eurovision song ever (garnering nearly 100 points more than the previous record holders, Lordi, from 2006). I thought that the songs featured in the show […]