Songs from Germany

A good number of years ago (October 2005 I think), I was in Berlin with Marc and we happened across a number of pop songs whilst we were there (not all German, but “hits” there at the time).

For some reason, they all came back to me this morning, so I thought that I’d share them (and their in-built cheesiness) with everyone!

Space Taxi (apparently from the movie “Traumschiff Surprise Periode 1”).

Dragostea Din Tei (O-Zone) – and this was way before the Numa Numa dance!

Obsession (3rd Wish feat. Baby Bash)

(I especially liked the 3rd Wish song as I had a mini-crush on the blond one (Justin Martin) heh!!)




I still find myself listenening to Obsession and Dragostea Din Tei fairly frequently, but had hoped to confine that god-awful Space Taxi song to the recesses of my mind… after torturing you lot with it first, naturally heh!

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