Harry Judd – Attitude cover!

I’m sure many people have already seen the hawt new cover already – however it’s only now that I find myself at home, and in an environment suitable enough to post! 😉 RAWR!!!! Of course, Harry is no stranger to the cover / pages of Attitude, having gotten up to lots of mischief with the […]

Protect Me From What I Want

A few months ago, Attitude magazine ran a cover story and interview with the gorgeous Elliot Tittensor (click here for the pics) and they happened to mention that he’d recently been in a gay short called Protect Me From What I Want. Unfortunately, at the time the story ran and despite all of the hype […]

Elliott Tittensor – Attitude pics

This month’s Attitude magazine featured Shameless star Elliott Tittensor as it’s cover boy – one of their best covers, and issues, in recent times imo!! Here are a few of the pictures: REMEMBER: If you liked these, I recommend that you either subscribe to Attitude magazine – they have a great offer on at the moment […]

Daniel Radcliffe – Attitude Magazine

The ever yummy Daniel Radcliffe is the cover boy on August 2009’s Attitue Magazine, hurrah! I am only half way through the last issue (which fawns over ‘Bruno’… ugh!) and so may just abandon it and go straight to this issue! 🙂 Youth Issue is always the best in my opinion, think this may be […]

Attitude – The Naked Issue

N.B. – This post is NOT suitable for viewing in the workplace! So, t’other day, I posted the cover of Attitude magazine for us all to drool over…! Having just been and purchased the magazine, I must say that it looks even better up close! 😛 Attitude are sometimes sensitive about people posting pictures from […]