Protect Me From What I Want

A few months ago, Attitude magazine ran a cover story and interview with the gorgeous Elliot Tittensor (click here for the pics) and they happened to mention that he’d recently been in a gay short called Protect Me From What I Want.

Unfortunately, at the time the story ran and despite all of the hype in the gay community, it was incredibly difficult to get a hold of a copy of it as, as happens with a lot of gay cinema, seemingly nobody had spent the money on licensing it for non-festival viewing. Short of it being featured in a random gay film festival that just happened to be in your home-town at the very moment Attitude ran their story and you wanted to see it, you stood no chance of actually seeing it – bad times!

Fear not though for the good times are now here as, at the end of last month, Peccadillo Pictures released a compilation DVD of shorts, featuring Protect Me From What I Want as one of it’s main features!! 🙂

I thought Protect Me From What I Want was a fab little film – I really liked Tittensor’s character, Daz, and thought that he really conveyed a lot about the character and the insecurities that we all share in the all-too-brief time that he was on my screen for. I think it was also rather fab of him to take on the role in a short film such as this, so major kudos goes to him!

I reckon that the above counts as enough ‘analysis’ to allow me to get a cheeky ‘phwoooooooar’ in without seeming too low-brow, right? 😉

I was, however, a little disappointed with nearly all of the other shorts on the DVD. They were all really random, and if I am honest, I simply just didn’t ‘get’ some of them. Perhaps someone who is more into arty short films would have a differing opinion, but if you’re a bit of a n00b like me, I’d suggest checking them out on YouTube or similar first (if they’re going to sway your decision on whether or not to purchase this DVD or not).

The exception to this was the amazing Trevor – which won an Oscar way back when it was released for Best Short Film.

The Diana Ross soundtrack just made the film for me! 😀

The addition of both of these films made the box set itself well worth the purchase to be honest.

Apart from the constant notion that most ‘gay’ films always seem to put across – that we’re all so fucking miserable, depressed and self-loathing – we’re not!! (but that’s another blog post all in itself) – I found these shorts to be a rather eclectic bunch,  invariably showcasing something for everyone. I would definitely rate both Trevor and Protect Me From What I Want as ‘must see’.

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