TRAILER: Les Misérables Movie [2012]

As many will know, I’ve been pretty scornful over the Les Mis movie that’s coming out this year – I’ve disagreed with pretty much every casting decision made, and, up until now, was of the view that, actually, I would much prefer that it wasn’t being made at all! However, having seen the trailer, I […]

Rock Of Ages [2012] – Movie Trailer

As predicted, and largely owing to expectations when they slap “From the Director of Hairspray” all over it, this looks suitably dire and as much of a mess as the Hairspray movie transition was too. I first watched the trailer a few months ago, and refrained from commenting on it to ‘give it a chance’ […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Footloose [2011]

Yesterday, I was invited along to an advance screening of the 2011 remake of classic 80s film, Footloose. Straight off, incidentally, I’m totally calling dibs on the phrase ‘Footloose Rebooted’ – genuinely surprised that nobody else in Hollywood has come up with that one!!! If you see me mention Footloose Rebooted, then you’ll know that […]