TRAILER: Les Misérables Movie [2012]

As many will know, I’ve been pretty scornful over the Les Mis movie that’s coming out this year – I’ve disagreed with pretty much every casting decision made, and, up until now, was of the view that, actually, I would much prefer that it wasn’t being made at all!

However, having seen the trailer, I find that I’ve mellowed somewhat, and am now more open to the movie adaptation, especially as I can see from the narrative that it’s going to explain the story a lot more to people who are newer to the story, which in turn may foster an even greater depth and understanding to the audiences currently packing out the Queens Theatre (and others around the world). Of course, if they don’t stick to the plot per the musical adaptation, there’s going to be hell to pay, and I’ll be screaming red, white and blue murder! 😉

One thing I cannot forgive though – as expected, Anne Hathaway totally shies away from the song! It’s a nice, fluffy, delicate, movie-audience-appealing rendition of it, but nowhere near as brutal and cynical as I really need it to be, or as the song deserves it to be.

I also notice that the Daily Fail (sorry, Mail) are bleating on about how Anne Hathaway should get an Oscar – for fuck’s sake – it’s just a trailer, and, if it stays true to the musical, which it better had(!), she’s barely even in the movie!

It’s actually making my eyes bleed too watching people say things too such as ‘oh wow, they’re singing live and not lip-dubbing’ – welcome to the world of proper musical theatre, luvvies!! 😉

#StageyAndProud! ^_^

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