TRAILER: Les Misérables Movie [2012]

As many will know, I’ve been pretty scornful over the Les Mis movie that’s coming out this year – I’ve disagreed with pretty much every casting decision made, and, up until now, was of the view that, actually, I would much prefer that it wasn’t being made at all! However, having seen the trailer, I […]

One Day More (Les Mis) – One Man, F*ck Loads of Puppets

OK, so that has to be one of the most bizarre YouTubes that I have seen in quite a while; and that’s saying something! It’s like what would happen if you mixed Avenue Q, Les Mis and a weird guy up together hehe…. needless to say, given my love of musical theatre, I absolutely LOVE […]

Very excited about seeing HAIR!

I must confess, I am getting INCREDIBLY excited about seeing HAIR at the Gielgud theatre on press night (Tuesday 13th April). One of the best production stories in the West End is that of the original London cast at the Shaftesbury theatre back in 1969 and it would seem that this current Public Theatre / […]

Touring Les Misérables production

It has just been announced that Les Misérables is to tour to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary. The press release is as below. I am a little dubious about the suitability of the casting of – the ever hot –  Gareth Gates (pics via link) as Marius… that said, I am sure that he is eager […]