Rachel Adedeji – ‘Proud Mary’

Last night, I thought Rachel gave what I would describe as the performance of the series on X-Factor – it was phenominal for this stage of the competition!

It has to be the only X-Factor performance that I have ever danced along to as well!

I’ve thought that she’s been consistently amazing throughout the competition, and so I really do hope that people vote for her.

My three to win have not changed my first predictions at first auditions, and remains as Stacey, Joe and Rachel – with all three to get record deals please!

Her reaction at the end (unfortunately not on this clip) had Greg and I in stitches…! 😀

I couldn’t, however, watch the song without thinking of Whoopi… 😉

Rachel Adedeji

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

2 Responses

  1. blogthatmarkwrote

    She’s one of the most natural performers on the show(compare to Lloyd for an example of how not to look natural on stage) and has a great energy. Just wish she could control her voice more: it goes slightly out of tune a lot of the time.

    Fear she may have lost votes due to her reaction at the end. I actually hope she stays as she’s one of the more interesting contestants. And who doesn’t want to see what they do with her versatile hair next week?


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