Paloma Faith

OK, so it appears that I am a ‘little’ late to the Paloma Faith party, largely due to my being constantly diverted away from writing this blog by other posts, and a lack of time – boo.

I have to say that her recent single, ‘New York’ has not been off my music player since I first heard it – it’s been on constant repeat – I LOVE IT!

I first heard of Paloma Faith via a TV advert for her album, and within 5 seconds of hearing a few bars of ‘New York‘ followed by that delightful transpose with the gospel choir, I’d made up my mind that I had to look this lass up, and had made a note on my phone to do so first thing next morning.

However, about five minutes later, Greg and I flicked over to Friday Night With Jonathan Ross and to my delight, she was his music guest for the week!

I had no idea that the song ‘Stone Cold Sober’, released earlier in the summer, was hers, I just chalked it up to Duffy or someone similar… perhaps unfortunate (in a back-handed compliment kind of way), however Paloma Faith has only recently started getting some mainstream recognition over here in the UK.

Her album/singles originally charted around the #15 mark on entry and didn’t really fare much better – however in the slew of marking and promotion that has been done since, it seems this girl is (rightfully!) on her way to the top! Recently, Paloma’s album topped the iTunes album chart, so it seems that her music is finally getting through to what I would consider the expected demographic.

It seems strange though that the single was released back in September 2009, and they are only now getting her onto the major talk-shows and music shows (such as Later… with Jools Holland). Hopefully, many of the people in the industry and media who originally gave the two singles/album a lukewarm/somewhat jaded reception will revise those thoughts as support for the artist grows.

Stargazer is also a lovely theatrical/dreamy song I think, and is my second favourite song on the album:

I adore her ‘background story’ too – apparently she’s half Spanish, half British (she was born in Hackney, London) and amongst her many prior jobs, she was a magician’s assistant! Her name, Paloma, translates as ‘Dove’ in Spanish.

Her debut album, ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?‘, is currently in the album charts, and is also available to listen to on Spotify for those wanting to give it a whirl! Paloma is also on the social media network, twitter.

Paloma Faith

Oh… and this latest entry from her video diary on YouTube is charmingly funny! This is the sort of thing that you’d find me doing most days heh! 😀 Maybe my next vLog post will take this format! 😉

For those of us in the UK, Paloma is playing several gigs, including KOKO  (London), in November… tickets are onsale now!

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