My thoughts on the Doctor Who (Planet Of The Dead) prophecy


Below represents my current thoughts as to the prophecy that is delivered to the Doctor in Planet Of The Dead.

It may, remarkably, and on the very off chance, contain elements that prove to actually be correct… please only view its contents if you are happy to read speculation which may/may not be relevant to the story and eventual demise of Tennant’s Doctor Who.

If you are looking for my review of the episode itself, please CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: If you are interested, I have just posted a preview trailer clip of The End Of Time episodes (the final ones that are showing over Christmas 2009) which  indicates a slightly different path for the story to take – I guess we’ll have to wait and see if any of the below thoughts do actually end up getting incorporated! 🙂

Right, so now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let me share my thoughts with you.

I stress that these are just thoughts, and as I’m not a complete Who geek, I apologise for any glaring inaccuracies/oversights!

I have not read any of the spoilers/anything regarding Planet Of The Dead online, as I don’t want to spoil it for myself… so these are my initial theories, and are not influenced by anything I have read.

CARMEN: “Your song is ending, sir. It is returning. It is returning through the dark. And then, Doctor, he will knock four times.”

  • I think that the entire prophecy revolves around the episode ‘Midnight’ (Series 4, Episode 10)
  • ‘Midnight’ came towards the end of Series 4, and Tennant’s departure was no doubt known to the creative team by then.
  • ‘Midnight’ does not have a satisfactory conclusion, and Donna is kept well out of the story line.
  • In ‘Midnight’ the Doctor knocks on the side of the vessel 4 times, and only does it the once.
  • Nobody else knocks on the side 4 times (apart from whatever is held to be outside)
  • I am going to suggest that Carmen, from Planet Of The Dead (who makes the prophecy) is also the cabin steward on the vessel.
  • They make a big point of saying that they don’t know the cabin steward’s name at the time.
  • I think that the creature that is coming for the Doctor in the end is the same thing that was in this episode.
  • We saw that it definitely wanted the Doctor (multiple examples), and we saw that he was powerless against it.
  • We never actually saw the thing that had taken hold of the Doctor, very little information was provided about it, leaving the Who team scope to flesh out the details afterwards.
  • The ‘thing’ was not captured and was left in the skies above ‘Midnight’
  • We know that the ‘thing’ had wholly consumed Sky Silvestre and had gained control over her (though did not yet have free thought)
  • The cabin steward and Sky were then blasted out of the spacecraft together…
  • Although we are told that there could be no living thing on Midnight, the mechanic thinks that he sees a shadow before all the trouble happens… a living thing… therefore,  perhaps the cabin steward actually could have survived…
  • The cabin steward could have looked into the vortex and seen the future whilst in the skies of midnight… they seemed the sort of place for that kind of thing!
  • In addition, perhaps, the ‘thing’ was able to tell the future… we saw how it went from mimic to pre-empting what people were about to say. Maybe the ‘thing’ is now Carmen / the attendant or Carmen / the attendant also inherited this ‘gift’
  • Rose is seen screaming at the Doctor… at the time I thought it was to do with the issue of the lost planets, however this wasn’t made reference to in The Stolen Earth / Journey’s End… so perhaps it relates to the final episode for Tennant?
  • The doctor uses the sonic screwdriver to shut off the music video… silencing a song… it is this screen that we next see Rose on.
  • There is reference made in the episode to the creature traveling through dark and light… dark features in the prophecy (presumably the light comes from the diamonds, which the creature would be leaving behind…).
  • As it has been for him once, it could be said to ‘be returning’
  • Carmen addresses him as ‘sir’ – this could be seen as the same level of title granted by the service industry to a customer, much in the way that the attendant would be expected to address her customers.
  • A similarity to the episode ‘Midnight’ can be drawn when they first reach the new planet and the Doctor finds himself accosted (and blamed for the situation) by the members of the public who were on the public transport system.
  • Midnight in terms of date/time is the first moment of a new day… strange choice of name for an area is ‘Midnight’… could it be used to signify a new day is coming?
  • In a nutshell, I think that Carmen is the stewardess from the flight, and that the unresolved issue from ‘Midnight’ is going to prove to be his big challenge… a new super-evil that we know he cannot yet defeat. There are too many loose ends, in my opinion, for this episode not to evolve further. I’m sure a lot of the above is coincidental, and I am reading too much into it… time will tell 🙂

    I could be completely wrong, however those are my thoughts as to the background and possible outcome of the prophecy made by Carmen in the episode Planet Of The Dead.



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