GLEE does THRILLER!!! (Picture spoilers in post)

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Glee are going to be doing Michael Jackson’s THRILLER in their first show after the US mid-season break on Sunday February 6th, right after the Superbowl!! (which, for all of us non-US folk, is why they’re on a playing field…. naturally! 😛 ) Pictures from the episode have literally only just leaked […]

Doctor Who: The End Of Time

NB – Spoilers – please DO NOT watch the YouTube clip if you do not want to see any cast information on Doctor Who: “The End Of Time” (the final Tennant episodes airing over Christmas 2009). The video clip is admittedly of poor quality, taken by someone at yesterday’s SD Comic Convention, but it’s the […]

My thoughts on the Doctor Who (Planet Of The Dead) prophecy

**POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT!!! ** Below represents my current thoughts as to the prophecy that is delivered to the Doctor in Planet Of The Dead. It may, remarkably, and on the very off chance, contain elements that prove to actually be correct… please only view its contents if you are happy to read speculation which may/may […]