Guess Who’s Back? Gari’s Back!

So, I’ve decided to come back to WordPress from Squarespace… I realised that the platform is actually a lot more robust than I had given it credit for, and that perhaps I was getting bored of the old theme and had ideas that were slightly too grand for what I wanted to achieve on […]

X-Factor 2009 – Week One (Auditions)

A few quick thoughts on tonight’s X-Factor auditions, the first of the series and the first in the new ‘live’ audition format: Use of backing music – I dislike this. I can only figure that it’s there so that the ‘bad’ auditionees cannot hear some of the giggling and snide comments coming from the audience(?) […]

Merlin / Robin Hood

Colin Morgan as Merlin UPDATE : This starts tonight (Saturday 20th September 2008) at 19:30 on BBC One! BBC One seem to have commissioned a new drama in place of Robin Hood for this autumn – Merlin. The Official Website is also well worth a look. I must say, I am rather intrigued and excited […]