Flowers from Max

Awww, bless him! These turned up at work today as a surprise as Max knew that I was having a really tough week – they’re so lovely (as is he, hehe!)

BIG ‘Life’ News – Tuesday 6th December 2011 ^_^

So, here’s the skinny-mocha-choca-cappucino – I am very pleased to say that Max and I are moving in together… and in doing so, will be relocating back to my hometown, Manchester! 😀 Today, I handed in my notice with my employer, and officially kicked off arrangements for moving back home. It’s a bit of a […]

Life update – 16th May 2011

Oh hai! *waves* It’s been a while since I did a personal update to my blog, and so I figured that it’s about time for an update 🙂 I’ve recently started seeing the super lovely and gorgeous Max, who lives over in Bristol, and have to say that I am currently on Cloud Number 9 […]

Merry Christmas all! x

Once again, it is that time of year when I get really really super hyper and get to do really silly things and be ‘creative’ – though, that said, this year I’ve decided against anything too ‘creative’ heh (one year, I got so excited on Christmas eve that I genuinely didn’t sleep until February!). In […]

Recent additions to the ‘family’

Just wanted to quickly blog on the awesome new additions to the ‘family’ 😛 I went shopping to Westfield with Karl yesterday and he was absolutely awesome and got me a Woody from Toy Story! 😀 Been eyeing one of these up for ages, and I’ve spent much of today just sitting in the office […]