Life update – 16th May 2011

Oh hai! *waves* It’s been a while since I did a personal update to my blog, and so I figured that it’s about time for an update 🙂 I’ve recently started seeing the super lovely and gorgeous Max, who lives over in Bristol, and have to say that I am currently on Cloud Number 9 […]

Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London (2009)

Just back from the Winter Wonderland event at Hyde Park, London – if you get chance to go to this, then I recommend you take it! We were fortunate enough to go on the trade night, so it was a lot quieter than it’s no doubt going to be. When it opens to the public […]

Falcon in Trafalgar Square

Managed to get a snap of the falcon in Trafalgar Square this morning – very pleased! Lighting is a little off as I had to shoot into direct sunlight, plus this is on my new phone (and so I haven’t a clue how the camera works heh). The falcon was a little restless, though kept […]