Winter Wonderland – Hyde Park, London (2009)

Just back from the Winter Wonderland event at Hyde Park, London – if you get chance to go to this, then I recommend you take it!

We were fortunate enough to go on the trade night, so it was a lot quieter than it’s no doubt going to be. When it opens to the public (from tomorrow, 20th November ’09), the site itself will remain free to enter, you will just need to pay for any rides/attractions that you choose to use.

I was a bit of a wimp, and did some ice skating, went on the big wheel (which was a big deal for me!) and on the funhouse (which was the best one I’ve ever been in!). We also all went on ‘The Beast’ – frankly, don’t bother with this… you go inside an inflatable dinosaur, someone jumps out at the end, that’s it. Incredibly lame! In addition to going on the rides/attractions that I went on, the friends that I went with were far more adventurous and had much stronger stomachs and tried a few others, which they largely loved.

What I am really pleased about though is how well my Samsung Jet worked tonight when taking pictures… some of them I absolutely love! This was it’s first real test, and although I think some of them aren’t quite as good as they look on the phone, I think it’s more my inexperience with the new camera than anything else!

What do you guys think of them?

I really like this one...

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