The Lions Of London

There was an incredibly interesting article on the Londonist website today that I wanted to share with my blog readers.

The original article was posted here, they deserve all the credit, not I!

London has the largest litter of lions in the world. A magnificent pride their history goes back 120,000 years. There are colossal, legendary and living lions. Lions from one of the seven wonders of the world, from the cradle of liberty and there’s a lion on the very first coin. Appearing on the greatest historical treasures, living in masterpieces of art lions are roaring on the capital’s biggest tourist attractions. London is leonine.

By Aidan Potts and Dylan William

It’s simply fascinating to think that I walk to work through an area that used to be largely forested and had ancient lions, elephants and rhinos freely roaming around it!

There is currently an exhibition in Trafalgar Square at the moment that marks the deforestation of the huge forest that used to cover London; I hope to have time to take some pictures of it tonight, so do please visit my blog again to see those! 🙂

Via twitter, I have also learnt from @ianvisits that London used to be glacial too!

It’s all a little strange for me really, as I oft find that I forget London’s historical roots when walking through the city, distracted by all of the noise, the pollution and the tourists. When I think of history, I certainly never think any further back than 1066 (thanks to Mr Davenport’s Year 7 History class heh!). Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love history and it’s one of my favourite subjects, but how many of us instantly go right back to the depths of natural history when someone says the word ‘history’ to them? I suppose that it’s easier to associate history with the immediate history and connect it to things which are still around us to this day.

I am absolutely fascinated!

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