REVIEW: The Lion In Winter -Theatre Royal Haymarket, London

In what is becoming an enjoyably intense three weeks of ‘live event going’, this evening saw the turn of Trevor Nunn’s new production of The Lion In Winter; currently in previews at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, and starring Robert Lindsay and the FABULOUS Joanna Lumley! Just the other night, I went to see Chicago with […]

Early Gari

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic recently for reasons unknown, and thought that as my friendship circle has taken another expansive turn for the better, that I’d share some of my history with folk and whatnot. These are old pictures that I’ve stumbled across recently that I thought that I’d like to share 🙂 I say […]

Christmas 1992: Embarassing Home Video

You may be surprised to learn dear reader that I have not always been a slightly fey happy-go-lucky kinda chap from Surbiton, oh no… way before that, I was a slightly fey happy-go-lucky kinda chap back home in Manchester! (presuming those friends here present will of course recognise the mauling I’ve just given to a […]