The Lions Of London

There was an incredibly interesting article on the Londonist website today that I wanted to share with my blog readers. The original article was posted here, they deserve all the credit, not I! London has the largest litter of lions in the world. A magnificent pride their history goes back 120,000 years. There are colossal, […]

BBC Four: Women We’ve Loved

There’s a TV season that I am rather looking forward to on BBC Four which starts on 16th November, called ‘Women We’ve Loved‘. The season consists of three films, one about Enid Blyton, one on Gracie Fields and the final on Margot Fonteyn. I am a big fan of all three, especially Enid Blyton, so […]

GM Buses

Cor, I am feeling rather nostalgic now. Someone (@technicalfault) on twitter posted a picture of an old bus, which in turn made me remember the old orange livery of the GM buses that used to be all over Manchester when, following deregulation in 1986, Greater Manchester Transport was dissolved and GM Buses rose from the […]


Was walking through Kingston-upon-Thames last week and finally got chance to snap a couple of pictures of the ‘Out Of Order’ public art piece by David Mach that has been around almost as long as I’ve been alive! Kingston-upon-Thames is also very well known for The Coronation Stone: The Coronation Stone is an ancient stone […]

Mauro Picotto – Komono

Crumbs… YouTube just recommended a video to me which has just taken be back around 7 years! Although released in 2000, I first got into Mauro Picotto’s music a year or so later and seeing my first ‘serious’ fella (it was around this time that I also got into Scooter, Gigi D’Agostino, DJ Bobo – […]