Life update – 16th May 2011

Oh hai! *waves* It’s been a while since I did a personal update to my blog, and so I figured that it’s about time for an update 🙂 I’ve recently started seeing the super lovely and gorgeous Max, who lives over in Bristol, and have to say that I am currently on Cloud Number 9 […]

GarageBand: iPad – Curtain Call – My Arcade Remix

Best bit of news to come out of the recent Apple announcements has been the addition of GarageBand to the iPad (and for a very reasonable £3 – so no surprise it’s at the top of the UK app charts at the moment!). Upon hearing the default / example song – ‘Curtain Call’ – I […]

Dinosaurs FTW!

Pals, work colleagues and regular readers will know that when I’m idle, I love a good doodle – even though I’m not in any way good at doing it 😛 Last night I decided to upgrade from my usual scribble pad – my employer’s whiteboard – to Karl’s iPad (whilst he doodled me a picture […]