It’s all chips’n’gravy, BABBEH!

Now that I am working out of our Manchester office, I get the added benefit of using the rather nice ‘in house’ restaurant that is exclusively for the use of the employees of the building that I work in. It’s always lovely and quiet and has great views out on to the street, great for […]

MOVING ON UP: T-Minus 18

A daily video blog documenting my last 20 days in London before I move back to Manchester on Saturday 28 January 2012. Tuesday 10th January 2012. If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening, do please follow my blog (there is a button at the bottom of the page). Thanks to all […]

LIFE UPDATE: Thursday 21 July 2011 [vLog]

I’m tired, so forgive the laziness hehe! Incidentally, my birthday weekend will likely be Sat 6th – Sun 7th August. Oh, and here’s a stunning picture that I took recently; if you view it in full size (simply by clicking on it) you can see just how stunning it is! 😛 Look at those beautiful […]