Life Update (Mon 12 Sep 2011)

It’s just after 17:00 on a very autumnal Monday afternoon. I’m currently sat in the basement of the Waterstones on Piccadilly – a really majestic building that is well worth a look in on any tour of London. I have a pot of tea in front of me, a tiffin brownie thingy, my iPad and […]

Life update – 16th May 2011

Oh hai! *waves* It’s been a while since I did a personal update to my blog, and so I figured that it’s about time for an update 🙂 I’ve recently started seeing the super lovely and gorgeous Max, who lives over in Bristol, and have to say that I am currently on Cloud Number 9 […]

New Posters :-D

Very chuft today as I’ve just got home to find that a few new posters that I’d ordered to sparkle up my room a little have arrived: The Dalek one is, of course, EPIC – absolutely love it! I am, however, even more enamoured with the giant print of Piccadilly Circus from 1967 that I’ve […]