On why SMASH is not GLEE!

So, by now, I am assuming that you have seen the pilot for the new NBC Drama, SMASH! (if you have not, you simply must! It’s currently being splashed all over the Internet by NBC). Having watched the pilot, can I just say that I was suitably impressed, and the many many months that I […]

SMASH (New TV Drama)

SO looking forward to this – due to start airing in either January / February 2012 in the US, and on Sky Atlantic for those of us in the UK in April 2012. Billed as ‘Glee for adults’, and based on an idea by Steven Speilberg (as early back as 2009) and with music by […]

The GLEE Project

OK, so here’s a heads up for you all – you’ve TOTALLY gotta be watching The GLEE Project! The series is currently airing over in the US, and started airing here in the UK on Sky One this evening! The basic premise is there’s a group of twelve kids in an X-Factor style show – […]

Matthew Morrison & Gwyneth Paltrow – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This morning, I found myself inexplicably listening to the new Matthew Morrison solo album (which, to be fair, isn’t really a goer… it just sounds like yet another Glee album – he’s definitely been far too successful as Mr Schu!) – and amongst the people who he’s dueted with is the fabulous Gwyneth Paltrow! Now, […]