Last Choir Standing – The Final

** Spoilers! ** So, last week I said that I would be happy whichever choir won this competition, and I still stand by that sentiment. Albeit I did have a preference, which Revelation were definitely at the top of. However I think that both Ysgol Glanaethwy and Only Men Aloud both had a good mixture […]

Last Choir Standing – 23rd August

*** SPOILERS *** Oh my goodness! What on Earth was with the judges’ decision this week?! ACM Gospel really didn’t deserve to go – they’ve been amazing and consistent throughout, much more so than Ysgol Glanaethwy have. Mister Greg and I really didn’t warm to Ysgol Glanaethwy’s performance of “Circle of Life” at all, and […]

Last Choir Standing : Sat 16th Aug

Just a quick note on the latest round of Last Choir Standing from the BBC. As always, spoilers are present! I thought that all of the choirs, with the exception of Bath Male Voice Choir, were absolutely and phenomenally outstanding this week! Cor blimey! As usual, I really didn’t ‘get’ Bath, although I did find […]

Last Choir Standing – Knockout 3

*+*+* Warning – Spoilers *+*+* Just finished watching this on iPlayer and I have to say that, for the first time, I am disappointed with the result on this week’s show. In fact, the standard this week wasn’t all that great full stop! ACM Gospel Choir definitely deserved to be put straight through, however City […]

Last Choir Standing

Over the past few weeks, Mr Greg and I have found ourselves watching “Last Choir Standing” on BBC One on a Saturday night. Although it’s kinda a tired format, and not really new or innovative, or even a good copy of a much copied format, it still makes for very watchable TV I think. Indeed, […]