Last Choir Standing – 23rd August

*** SPOILERS ***

Oh my goodness! What on Earth was with the judges’ decision this week?! ACM Gospel really didn’t deserve to go – they’ve been amazing and consistent throughout, much more so than Ysgol Glanaethwy have.

Mister Greg and I really didn’t warm to Ysgol Glanaethwy’s performance of “Circle of Life” at all, and in fact felt a little embarrassed for them. Therefore we were both hugely surprised with the judges’ comments and ultimate decision!

This week was always going to be a tough one, with all four choirs really deserving to be in the final. I like all of them. I was especially pleased to see that Revelation went straight through this week – they’re now the choir that I would like to see win.

Strong performances from the choirs tonight, although one or two songs weren’t really getting through to me – Only Men Aloud’s “Luck Be A Lady” and Ysgol Glanaethwy’s “Somebody To Love”. Ysgol Glanaethwy don’t seem to be fully understanding that this is a choir based show, and that they cannot continue to raise one member up in front of all of the rest of them. I would love to see them all working together doing proper harmonies, and think that some of their stuff by Adiemus and other classical artists sounds much better. Plus doing a song by the same artist two weeks out of three was a poor choice I thought. I did rather like their bi-lingual song though.

Looking forward to the final next week, I wish that ACM were still in it, and if I’d had to pick my final three, I think that I’d have let Only Men Aloud go this week. Revelation to win!

NB – The BBC’s “Last Choir Standing ” YouTube channel which, once updated by the BBC, will have most of the performances from the week on it is well worth a look; and as always, their official website has a run-down of exactly what went on during the show.

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3 Responses

  1. Griff

    T0o be fair Somebody To Love was the first time that Glanaethwy have had a soloist singing more than one line in a song – Adiemus, Beatles and Circle of Life had soloists singing 1 line, all the rest haven’t had any soloists.

    Hopefully they’ll learn their lesson from that one attempt and keep off the soloists now!

    I loved ACM but every song sounded exactly the same from them – I think the lack of original arrangement for their Sing Off song hurt them badly. Everyone will hear something different in the same music but I loved the Circle of Life arrangement and would love to hear a full length version from them.


  2. Lisa williams

    Mate,I agree with your comments about one soloist in a choir.Glanaethwy made a huge mistake last week allowing the conductor’s daughter to sing a solo.They did however pay the price and received bad feedback from the adjudicators.Lets not forget however,Revelations up until last Saturday have relied totally on one male soloist,with the other members harmonising.All 3 choirs have made huge personal sacrifices in the last few weeks to entertain us for a few hours on a Saturday night.MAY THE BEST CHOIR WIN!


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