Last Choir Standing – The Final

** Spoilers! **

So, last week I said that I would be happy whichever choir won this competition, and I still stand by that sentiment. Albeit I did have a preference, which Revelation were definitely at the top of.

However I think that both Ysgol Glanaethwy and Only Men Aloud both had a good mixture of stong performances and not-so-strong performances that, for me, was enough to justify their place in the final. I must say, I much prefered Only Men Aloud’s performance of Angels to Don’t Rain On My Parade, however I think that they deserved to win and hopefully will be able to do something with this victory in order to strengthen their choir’s standing even further.

I wasn’t overly enamoured with some of the performances this week, I enjoyed the ones that I’m posting below a lot more than the other ones.

Ysgol Glanaethwy – O Fortuna

Revelation – Ain’t No Stopping Us Now (especially when they broke it down)

Group Performance : Never Forget

Group Performance : I’m Still Standing

I’m Still Standing was definitely one of the series highlights for me – so infectious and great to see the studio audience/judges/presenters having a boogie too hehe.

I also really liked Russell Watson and ACM Gospell choir singing Stevie Wonder’s Heaven Help Us. Another season highlight I thought – I wasn’t too sure that the song suited him at first, but by the end I was completely sold.

Alas, the BBC haven’t uploaded that clip, and so I’ll post the original song instead – though I was also surprised to see that My Chemical Romance have a version of the song too!

It’s just dawned on me that the BBC probably won’t be able to commission another series of this, as the choirs that would make it to the next series of finals would most likely be the same choirs as were in it this year. I think it’s a lot harder for someone to form a choir than it would be to wake up one morning and just say “I think I’ll apply for X-Factor this year” and so the percentage yield of fresh new choirs who hadn’t already entered would probably be diminished in comparison.

But back to this year’s show, I think that all of the choirs have done a sterling job and hats off to them. I have been entertained, emotionally moved and at times danced along to the wonderful sounds that they were making. Here’s hoping that they’ve helped to update the image of what a choir is. I’m all for retaining the choirboys in cassocks image as well, however I see no problem in opening up the genre of ‘choral music’ and broadening it out to include styles such as these.

Congratulations to all choirs, and I’m sure that there’ll be a BBC album out soon (which I’ll be first in line to buy!)

NB – The BBC’s “Last Choir Standing ” YouTube channel has most of the performances from this, and prior, weeks on it is well worth a look; and as always, their official website has a run-down of exactly what went on during the show.

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2 Responses

  1. BB

    Thanks for the review.

    Just so you know, YG will be performng with Russell at the Indian Summer concert in Shrewsbury next weekend. I wish they had won.

    As for ‘Heaven Help Us All’ I’m not sure yet whether I like it or not, I’ll wait for Russell’s new album, which I believe it is on, to make a judgement.

    I know that Russell has said that he’s really enjoyed doing the show and always said he wouldn’t be hurtful when giving feeback. Way to go Russ, luv ya.


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