Return to… Castaway 2000

Recently, the BBC have been running a series called “Return to…” which, over 5 week-nights, focuses on a specific reality TV show from the past.

The premise is that they get as many people that were associated with the show as possible together and they talk about their experiences on the show, all the ‘backstage’ gossip and what we didn’t get to see etc.

This week’s show has been focused on the ever fabulous Castaway 2000 (check the link if you’ve forgotten it already!)

Castaway 2000 was probably my favourite of the reality TV shows and it’s been quite weird (and slightly sad) watching the “Return to…” programme this week – mainly as you get to see that things weren’t quite as secluded or rosy as we were led to believe.

The highlight of the Castaway show was clearly getting to watch Ben Fogle and Toby Waterman, as both were deliciously good looking, and always made for enjoyable viewing 😛

I thoroughly recommend this series to anybody – it’s on between 19:00 and 20:00 on BBC Two on most weeknights (check local listings). Next week it’s the turn of the TV show ‘Health Farm’, though I wasn’t really into it and so will probably give it a miss; last week it was Airline which I caught a couple of.

It seems that reality TV has finally died a death – about ten years ago we had the initial excitement of the introduction of reality TV; we’ve seen over the years how things have started to stagnate and how people have become more and more ‘zany’ to try and be the weirdest person yet; and now we’re pulling it apart and analysing the corpse of these very same reality TV shows. A nice circle I think.

I don’t think this format of TV will be able to be resurrected again in the next 40 years or so until reality TV contestants go back to being ‘normal’ instead of playing up to what they saw a different contestant do on the previous series.

Although if they were to bring Castaway 2000 back, I’d possibly be the most excited person ever hehe!

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

2 Responses

  1. Julia Corrigan

    Hi glad you loved it…I was there and loved it even more than you could have! So I would be pretty happy if they invited us to do it all over again!
    Julia Corrigan


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